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  • The game concept Bandai Namco announced Dragon Ball Legends during the Games Developers Conference. It was strange why the game was san...

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    Lyft is a ride-sharing app that may be handy for everyone who is in a hurry and requires a car. It is free of charge app, created by Lyft Inc. The...

  • Smart Bible Currently, more than 250 million mobile devices have the Holy Bible app installed on them.  People read the Holy book,...

  • Shazam is a music app that allows you to find and listen to your favorite songs, watch video clips, and get familiar with the lyrics you were looki...

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The Zipl team has been instrumental in the growth of our online dating business. They’ve gone above and beyond our expectations handling the app marketing process flawlessly. We’re now way ahead of our competitors and we’re not going to stop at this point.