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Netflix is one of the most popular and currently the fastest-growing streaming platform that lets you watch series, movies, and TV shows at home and on the go at very low costs. The unique feature of the app is an impressive number of high-quality original titles. The app lets you start and continue watching on any device and even download full episodes to continue watching them offline.  

World of Exclusives

Netflix has an extremely large library of originals. Some people criticize the platform for focusing mostly on exclusive, but that’s what makes it so good and valuable. The service lets you access hundreds of top-notch titles under a single cheap subscription.  

The library includes such hits as Stranger Things, Narcos, Dark, The Witcher, Ozark, House of Cards, and many many more. There are so many of them that you really have to get used to finding content through smart suggestions that consider your taste.

Another unique feature of Netflix is full access to seasons. The platform releases new seasons pretty frequently but, unlike all other services, it provides access to all episodes on the first day, letting you binge-watch your favorite titles without the need to wait one week for the next episode.  

For Entire Family

The family plan lets you create up to 5 profiles within a single account to let all your family members stream different content at their devices simultaneously and continue streaming without interruptions. The suggestions feed will also be unique for each user. You can also limit the content base for young users to ensure that their experience is safe.  

The only disadvantage is the regional protection that may block you from streaming some titles when you travel abroad. Use VPN to void it.  

Everywhere Netflix

This service is available not only for mobile platforms but for gaming consoles, Smart TV, set-top boxes, and many other niche platforms, including your Roky Box, and similar devices. All platforms receive the latest versions of the app and let you obtain the fullest functionary. If you want to watch on PC and Mac, you can access your account from any web browser.  


Netflix is a perfect streaming application. Unlike similar services by other providers, it doesn’t limit you at all. Want to binge full seasons whole day long? You’re welcome! Want to download several episodes to watch on a plane? Just do it! It’s a flexible service that lets you get the most for one of the lowest prices on the market.


  • Excellent 61%
  • Good 13%
  • Normal 7%
  • Bad 5%
  • Awful 13%

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