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Embarking on an adventure that transcends the constraints of reality is easier than you think, thanks to a little game known as Minecraft. Created by Mojang Studios, Minecraft has become a crowning jewel in the vast realm of gaming, notably for its blend of simplicity and complexity. This game, embracing a charming, pixelated style, offers an immersive sandbox experience that no other game can parallel. 

With its initial release in 2011, Minecraft quickly exploded in popularity and has since become a cultural phenomenon. But much like an untouched canvas awaiting the artist's first stroke, Minecraft is vast and seemingly infinite. Not bound by a fixed storyline or rigid set of rules, the trajectory of this game is shaped entirely by the player’s imagination.

Is Minecraft About Blocks?

Minecraft is a complicated sandbox game that offers so many entertainments they are hard to count. The main idea of the game is to boost your creativity by giving you all the resources you may need so you can start building your personal Kingdom or even country. The world is generated specifically for you right after you enter the game. If you want to enjoy unlimited sources and concentrate on designing and building without any obstacles on your way, you can go to the Creative mode.

Survival mode is a rather challenging one. It requires your quick reaction, ability to survive, and plan everything ahead. You enter the game without anything except ax. You have to take care of food, water, and shelter. Besides, you have to stay away from angry monsters that are ready to kill and eat you.

Are Blocks Beautiful?

You may find yourself weirdly attracted to this unique design. The world is built from cubes of different sizes and colors. Yet, the shape is still the same. So how can it be so attractive to millions of players? Perhaps, the bright color palette makes it luring, or maybe it is the whole concept of the game that underlines your own designed buildings. If you run out of inspiration, go to the spectator’s mode and take a look at other players’ constructions. Besides, we recommend to travel around different realms and to look for adorable animals. Pay attention to cute foxes.

The Navigation Peculiarities

Minecraft is a family-friendly game. While it is allowed for children from 7 years old, you can play with younger players under parental control. This means that controls in the game were created so anyone could play it on their phones, no matter whether it is your first game or not. For new players, it is recommended to go into the creative mode and train moves. You can master your skills in building, and only when you become fluent, you may want to make the game harder and opt for survival mode. Yet, if you want to play survival mode, you can do it in the beginning and learn right in the game.


We recommend this game to everyone, no matter what genre is your favorite. Minecraft is versatile. If you love to explore other worlds alone, you can do it, if you prefer to call your friends you can use multiplayer mode, if you miss adrenaline rush, you will find everything in survival mode. The game offers you unlimited sources for your creativity. It is atmospheric and adorable. You will learn in no time how to navigate it.


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  • Normal 4%
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  • Awful 8%

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