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Fortnite is a battle royale shooter by Epic Games. In this popular game, you can create a unique character and take part in battles against 99 players who try to know each other during the entire match. The winner is always one, so the competition is extremely intense. You can play Fortnite for free on PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, iOS, and Android.  

Battle Royale Classics

Fortnite is the second oldest game in the genre after PUBG, and it remains to be one of the most influential games today too. Here, you can confront with over 250 million of live players. The idea behind the gameplay is pretty simple. You have to land on a map without any weapons and other resources. Your task is to take off as many players as possible and survive until the end of the match.  

It sounds easy, but it’s actually very difficult to implement as the game makes everything to kill your character all of a sudden. The island territory shrinks all the time to make you run towards your enemies, but it also feeds you with some powerful perks and weapons as well. You just have to use the opportunities right, and your strategy will let you win!  

The Cartooniest Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale has funny cartoonish graphics that look like some of Dream Works’ movies. Some players hate the game for this, while other 250 million love it and want more hours of gameplay every day. Being more specific, the game is powered by the proprietary Unreal Engine 4 that provides high-quality rendering and performance on all supported devices.  

Professional Cybersport  

Despite the funky look, Fortnite is a recognized cybersport with some of the largest winnings in the history of video games. The input quality is on a corresponding level. All platforms offer convenient layouts and quite enough customization options to let you obtain additional speed and aim the targets even faster.  


Fortnite is recommended to everyone who enjoys third-person shooters and needs something dynamic, streamlined, not overwhelming with new features, and challenging at the same time. This game is simple to enter but rather difficult to stop playing as it’s so addictive and immersive that you won’t believe your feelings.  

Best of all is that you can play it for free all the time and avoid paying for anything, including battle passes. You can join the game solo or call your friends to play in teams of up to 4 members and have fun together.  


  • Excellent 82%
  • Good 6%
  • Normal 3%
  • Bad 2%
  • Awful 7%


  • Alkaine

    I really like the game

  • Louis

    I love fortnight

  • William

    Fortnite is awesome want to play more

  • Eli

    This is awesome

  • Terrell

    Fortnite is the best

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