TikTok - Make Your Day

Review by Trenton Whitaker

  • Author: TikTok Inc.
  • Version: 15.4.3

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The social media application TikTok evolved from the widely-used app Musically. Today, it’s the fastest-growing social network on both iOS and Android. With over 2 billion users engaged in its ecosystem, this platform provides a space for the creation and dissemination of brief videos covering a diverse array of subjects. Users actively participate by dancing, singing, and showcasing a wide range of talents and expertise. You can download and use the app for free without any limitations and build your fanbase every day.  

Watch, Record, Cut, Share

Using TikTok, you can access one of the largest user-generated content bases that consist only of short vertical videos. Due to the advanced integrated video editor, you can not only watch but also record and edit your clips to achieve unique visual effects. You can add text overlays, GIF animations, animated transitions, double-exposition, augmented-reality filters, and many other things.  

Besides, you can combine your videos with “sounds.” The word “sounds” is used by TikTokers instead of the words “music” and “dubs.” This provides you with a large field for creativity. You can dub audio clips, dance along, record reactions, sing along, show your acting talents, and anything else that comes into your head.  

Be Influential  

This app is an excellent way to gain publicity if you have something exciting to tell and show. TikTok users are very active, so you can be sure that they will react very fast if you really worth something. It’s not clear how TikTok algorithms work, but they can make you popular really fast if you work hard enough. You should understand that you can show off any talent you have as people here are excited about anything.  

Only Mobile

TikTok developers decided to release this app only for mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. Unfortunately, there’s no official client for computers, so you have to watch and publish videos only via your smartphone or tablet. On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine this service on a computer as it has too many features that are impossible to adapt for other platforms.  


TikTok is a unique portal for expressing yourself in front of one of the largest audiences on the web. You can either use it to watch content by popular influencers and your friends or try to become an influencer, too, and share your creative videos with the whole world. TikTok will give you a new look at many things, so it’s definitely worth a try.