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The moment you are introduced to Exoprimal, it's evident that you're in for a wild ride. A reality where dinosaurs pour down from portals in the skies, embroiling humans in the most unlikely of problems, is as unexpected as it is bizarre. This is a multiplayer game, stuck between the dimensions of a single-player narrative, that invites you to be a part of the dino-hunting frenzy in a fun yet peculiar way. 

Gameplay Mechanics: The Race Against Time

In Exoprimal, your objective isn't just about surviving against an enemy team, but how dynamically you race them in completing a bunch of tasks. The tasks sound simple enough: from securing control points to hunting down one particularly bothersome dinosaur amongst herds of velociraptors. Your ultimate goal is efficiency, managing cooldowns, optimizing special techniques, and encouraging better performance of teammates. This isn't a traditional competition, it's a strategy and quick decision-making under pressure. 

The Evolving Modes: Keep the Element of Surprise Alive

Initial levels are Player-vs-Environment-vs-Player (PvEvP) oriented, focused on a rushing competition between two teams. Towards the end, you may find yourself returning to familiar grounds of PvE-style objectives, or even experiencing a convergence of universes culminating into an Overwatch-like mode. Your final opponents essentially play the big baddies, and your decisions and plays shift – you balance between teaming up for quicker goal attainment or disrupting your opponents' flow.

The AI Leviathan occasionally blesses a team with a 'dominator', capable of transforming a player into a huge carnotaurus or triceratops, wreaking havoc for a fixed duration. Does this sound bizarre? Absolutely! Does it make the game feel layered with an added dose of strategic decision-making? Unquestionably! Who gets to be the dominator? Is it worth risking the dominator's power when closer to the goal? All these quick, in-the-moment decisions make the multiplayer matches very engaging.

Storyboard Progression: A Hero Shooter with a Twist 

Exoprimal’s charm doesn’t reside in its dino-hunting jamboree alone. After a set number of matches, the narrative that runs along magically comes alive, bringing in new elements from outside the wargames, becoming a part of future games. Therefore, the game dynamics in the 10th hour heavily differ from the first five hours, and dramatically change again by the 20th hour.

Conclusion: A Well-Wrapped Dinosaur Gift Box

Exoprimal offers more than a just delightful twist to the conventional hero shooter genre. The balance between interesting storylines, and evolving gameplay filled with strategy and quick thinking makes it a catch.


  • Innovative gameplay merging PvE and PvP modes
  • Interesting storyline that impacts gameplay
  • Strategic decision-making over usual competitive tactics.


  • Initially limited objectives
  • The unexpected transformation into dinos might be odd for some.

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