The Latest Release From Alex Jones, "NWO Wars," Is Now Available And Has Earned An Impressive 94% Positive Rating On Steam

Alex Jones, the infamous purveyor of outlandish conspiracy theories featuring everything from clandestine lizard-person overlords to chemically altered amphibians, has ventured into video games with "Alex Jones: NWO Wars."

Although it has just been released, the game has quickly achieved a "Very Positive" rating on Steam, with 94% of almost 800 reviews praising it when this statement was made. Yet, the bulk of these commendations seem to tongue-in-cheek celebrate the game's short duration, allowing players to complete it swiftly and avail themselves of the platform's refund policy.

Critics highlight that the game's runtime falls between 20-30 minutes – a startlingly brief experience, especially when considering its retail price is just under £20. "Alex Jones: NWO Wars" engages players in 2D side-scrolling combat, casting them as Alex Jones himself. The game's visual flair includes striking renditions of Epstein's private island and bizarre adversaries like Nazi-themed dragons and the infamous "gay frogs." As a tongue-in-cheek bonus, players can team up with exaggerated versions of Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson, both endowed with extraordinary abilities.