Streets Of Rogue 2's latest dev diary is a crash course in proc-gen map building

The original 'Streets Of Rogue' captivated Rock Paper Shotgun's team upon its release in 2019, and anticipation has been growing for the upcoming 'Streets Of Rogue 2', set to debut later in the year. Developer Matt Dabrowski has been transparent about the game's development, sharing insights through dev diary videos that unveil the construction of the procedurally generated worlds and various biomes that players will encounter.
In these videos, Matt provides an in-depth explanation of the technological wonders at play. He describes the initial creation of a rudimentary map using sophisticated algorithms. This foundational stage is augmented by adding natural features such as lakes, forests, and mountains, giving shape and diversity to the game's terrain.
The following phase involves distributing cities across the map, ensuring they are appropriately spaced. Crucially, players can tweak settings for both urban and geographical elements during map generation, allowing for personalized experiences – even to the extent of producing city-less maps, if so desired.
While the placement of landscape and urban areas is algorithmically determined, the contents found within these locations are meticulously handcrafted, Dabrowski reveals. A unique system called 'Chunks' operates like a level editor. The game can draw from an array of these custom-built Chunks to fill landmarks and regions with unique content.
Dabrowski also illustrates how these chunks are instrumental in constructing the sophisticated and expansive cities and biomes featured in the game. The discussion reveals the game's structural elements and how they are meticulously blended through procedural technology.
While a precise launch date for 'Streets Of Rogue 2' on Steam is still under wraps, enthusiasts can catch a glimpse of the gameplay by signing up for the initial pre-alpha playtest, which offers a tantalizing preview ahead of the game's full release.