Could Sega Be Resurrecting the Classic Altered Beast?

In the realm of video game legends, "Altered Beast" holds a special place. Released by Sega in 1988, this side-scrolling beat 'em up has long held the status of a cult classic. Now, gamers might be about to see its return, as rumors circulate that a revival of "Altered Beast" is potentially in Sega's pipeline.

Back in the late 80s, "Altered Beast" carved out its niche in the world of arcade games, courtesy of Sega's clever combination of Greek mythology and side-scrolling beat 'em up gameplay. The game revolves around a centurion who is resurrected by Zeus to rescue his daughter Athena from the underworld. On becoming the "Altered Beast," players had to navigate through various levels, battling mythological creatures and gaining power-ups. 

The revival rumors sprang up thanks to Shpeshal Nick. He says that Sega is in the process of developing a new Altered Beast and a new Gunstar Heroes. This is all the information we have, and now we've shared our limited knowledge with you.

In the world of gaming, where popular franchises often see revivals, it's not impossible for Sega to bring back "Altered Beast". For now, everything remains in the realm of speculation until Sega issues any formal announcements. If it does happen, the gaming community might once again get the chance to roam the realms of mythology and power up into beastly form on a modern platform. Whether it’s the nostalgic itch of older gamers or the curiosity of the new generation, the possible return of "Altered Beast" will certainly stir some serious excitement.