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Granny is an indie horror game by Dennis Vukanovic. This chamber horror experience was initially released in 2018 and quickly became a popular YouTube and Twitch title with millions of views. The story tells about a man who got into a haunted house of a monstrous Granny who doesn’t let him out and tries to kill him all the time. If you want to try and escape the site, you can download Granny for free on the App Store, Google Play, and Steam.  

It’s Actually Scary

The real plot of the game is very mysterious, and the game doesn’t tell you enough facts to understand anything. Instead, the narrative holds you under tension until the very end of the game. In the very beginning, you get caught by a Granny who looks like a walking dead. She takes you to her house in the middle of the dark swamps. The house is locked from all sides, making it impossible to escape until you solve multiple puzzles in order to open the door and run away.  

To complete this mission, you have to survive 5 days and manage to solve the puzzles within this period. Otherwise, the main character will die because of wounds that appear on his body every day. But Granny stalks you everywhere you go, so you have to make as minimum noise as possible.  

Simple But Effective

The Granny game has very simple Unity Engine visuals, but the atmosphere of the game is very intense even if you play on a mobile device. Unfortunately, mobile GPUs cannot render complex shades and lighting, so the image is a bit flat. Nevertheless, the claustrophobic feeling is guaranteed! Granny is a fast runner, so be very careful. Otherwise, you will be caught and murdered in the worst way possible.  

Feels Good Enough

The mobile version of the game features convenient on-screen buttons that feel a lot like playing with a console controller. You can also connect a USB controller to your smartphone to make the gameplay even more enjoyable. If you play on a computer, you won’t face any inconveniences at all as the Unity Engine features excellent control presets and lets you adjust the sensitivity if you really need it.  


This game is recommended to everyone who looks for a scary horror experience and wants to play it on both mobile devices and computers. The core of the game is very simple, but the final effect is memorable. You can replay the game on different difficulty levels and turn it into a real hardcore experience. Are you brave enough for that?


  • Excellent 74%
  • Good 11%
  • Normal 4%
  • Bad 3%
  • Awful 7%

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