Review by Trenton Whitaker

  • Version: 3.3.0

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Fortnite, a definitive battle royale genre offering by Epic Games, enthralls its players by enabling the creation of personalized avatars to engage in gripping skirmishes against 99 competitors. With victory reserved for a sole survivor, the game offers a potent mix of intensity and adrenaline. It's versatile and accessible, boasting cross-platform compatibility spanning PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, iOS, and Android—to top it all off, it's free to play!


Being the second-ever introduction to the genre after PUBG, Fortnite has not only remained relevant but has also asserted its influence on the gaming landscape. It pits you against a staggering 250 million ‘live’ players worldwide. The gameplay premise, though straightforward, is far from mundane. You're parachuted onto a map—void of weapons and resources—with an overarching goal to eliminate contenders and emerge as the last player standing.

Far from facile, the game compels you to persistently strategize and adapt in a frequently hostile environment. The playing field gradually contracts, forcing players into confrontation, while simultaneously bestowing power-ups and arsenals to even the odds. Success in Fortnite is a testament to your tactical prowess and your capacity to seize opportunities as they arise!


Fortnite Battle Royale captivates with its whimsical, animated aesthetics that reflect the ambiance of Dream Works' feature films. This unique style divides its vast player base of over 250 million, with some relishing the visuals and others shunning them. Under the hood, the game runs on the sophisticated Unreal Engine 4, ensuring high-definition graphics and smooth performance across all compatible platforms.


The game's playful exterior belies a serious competitive cybersport stature, with record-breaking prize pools linked to its name. The level of gameplay mirrors this reputation. Each platform showcases ergonomic controls that can be customized extensively, enhancing response speed and improving targeting efficiency.


Fortnite is a recommended choice for enthusiasts of third-person shooting who desire a gameplay experience that is simultaneously dynamic, streamlined, and suitably complex. Despite its easy entry point, the game's immersive and addictive qualities can make it difficult to walk away from.

The most appealing aspect is its free-to-play model. Paying is entirely optional, even for battle passes and in-game purchases. Moreover, you have the option to either go solo or rope in friends to form a team of as many as four for an exhilarating joint venture.


  • Excellent 82%
  • Good 6%
  • Normal 3%
  • Bad 2%
  • Awful 7%