PlayStation Mobile App to Receive New Features

Still the king of the console market, Sony gaming division has big plans about going mobile. It lacks support from Sony Mobile which doesn’t hurry to implement gaming features into Xperia phones, but the official app by Sony is constantly evolving.

The next update will bring to PlayStation app for iOS and Android new features – of course, it will not turn into a mobile version of Steam or Epic Store, but its social and advertising functions are to be boosted. As for console management, the app will get access to the storage of your PS, so you won’t even have to turn on your console to remove a game or move it to a different location. With the updated app, you will also be able to start a multiplayer session from your phone (only with PS5), see your friends’ Trophy list and compare them with yours.

In the recent update, Sony returned one of the best features the PlayStation app could ever have – that is, wishlist manager. Now you can browse the entire catalog and add the games you’d like to buy (maybe when you’re alerted about a serious discount). The update will make it even greater, with sorting feature on its way. Just don’t expect it to become a standalone gaming center: it’s still a companion to your console.