New Chat Tabs for Gmail Users Coming Soon

If you are an active Gmail account user, you probably wondered why there are just two tabs at the bottom when you open the web. They include the actual email and also Meet video calls. Finally, Google decided to improve its service and add the Rooms and Chat tabs to both the desktop and mobile versions.

What is the point of these additions? They will allow you to stay in one app and still access important features. With the Rooms tab, you will be able to go straight to all conversations with many people. It is a useful function for work, as you can use it to share tasks and coordinate projects. When opening the Chat tab, you will find your one-on-one conversations and also small group chats.

To view the new features, you have to go to the Chat section in your Gmail account settings and simply enable ‘Early Access.’ Once you do this, you will also have to disable Google Chat app notifications if you have this app installed on your device. Now with the new tabs, the separate Google Chat app can be fully replaced.

What are your thoughts on these additions? Do you currently use the Google Chat app? Tell us what you think in the comments below and share this news with others.