Apple Teacher Portfolio Makes Education Easier

The latest step in Apple’s approach to remote education is exactly what many educators have been waiting for. Apple Teacher Portfolio shows how to make use of default Apple apps for both Mac OS and iOS, like iMovie, Garage Band, or KeyNote. These versatile tools are great for education, and Apple Teacher Portfolio provides examples of how they can be used.

Along with Teacher Portfolio, Apple updates its Everyone Can Create curriculum. This project is meant to show students how to enhance their knowledge, understanding, and representation through popular iPad apps, focusing on each of them separately. Videos and audio recordings, music, drawings, and presentations can both explain the subject better and get the listener more involved – and thus invested. The new guidelines are available as a free book in iTunes bookstore, readable on any Apple device.

Finally, Schoolwork and Classroom apps are also updated. Schoolwork, the app for teachers, now lets them share their projects with each other, and thus strengthen interdisciplinary connections. As for Classroom, its long-due update will enable it to work remotely, the students not being physically in the same room with the teacher.