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Terraria is an indie sandbox game that offers you to explore mysterious, beautiful worlds. You have to learn how to take care of yourself in unknown lands. The game was created by Re-Logic and 505 Games. It was released in 2011. The game is available on the Android mobile platform.

What is Terraria About?

Terraria game allows you to create your character and then drops you into the randomly generated world full of dangers with only three weapons, including sword, ax, and pickaxe. You have to learn how to survive in this world. If you will not hurry up, you will be killed by multiple enemies. The main features of Terraria:

  • You have to go deeper inside caves and find powerful enemies. While your skills are growing, theirs are growing as well;
  • Multiplayer mode allows you to share your game with up to 7 friends via the Wi-Fi or the Internet connection;
  • The size of the world can be extended. You may choose whether you want the small, middle or big world for your game;
  • You can adjust the controls;
  • There are over 300 enemies are waiting for you in the game, and 15 bosses which are hard to kill;
  • The game offers more than 20 biomes and mini biomes which you can explore both on the ground and underground;
  • If you are an experienced player, you can go to the Expert mode with harder missions and enemies.

Is Terraria Beautiful?

Terraria has its unique and authentic atmosphere of classic old arcade games with 2D graphics. However, it looks incredibly beautiful. The main attraction is its well-picked color palette, the excitement you feel in each cave you go into. Even the monsters do not look like evil from the first glance. However, you have to be extremely careful with them as they are dangerous. The music adds more points to the whole view. You can feel yourself in some old-fashioned game from your childhood. If you need to lower it down or switch off after several hours in the game, you may do it with a tap.

How Easy is Terraria to Navigate?

Although the graphics look rather simple and primitive, the controls in the game require all your concentration. There are two control panels below. You need to use them together or one by one, depending on the situation. Developers offer to adjust controls up to your preferences, but you will still have to keep up with multitasking. All the instruments you can use can be found at the left corner of your screen. Don’t forget to check out the number of hearts you have left in the upper right corner of your screen. You can use a controller if you have Bluetooth connection and a joystick.


Terraria is an entertaining sandbox game with a bunch of missions and side missions inside. There are underground caves full of treasures and enemies, and multiple worlds you have to explore. The game is not simple, but it is incredibly interesting. If you have a joystick, you can connect it to your phone via Bluetooth for advanced controls. It has simple but attractive graphics and atmospheric soundtracks.


  • Excellent 66%
  • Good 9%
  • Normal 6%
  • Bad 3%
  • Awful 14%


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