Review by Trenton Whitaker

  • Version: Shazam: 11.4.1

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Shazam is a music app that allows you to find and listen to your favorite songs, watch video clips, and get familiar with the lyrics you were looking for. The app was created by Shazam Entertainment back in 1999. However, the service became available on iOS and Android mobile platforms only in 2018. The app is spread across the world and used by millions of people.

Ease of Use

Shazam has numerous features that require some skills from users. You have to know how to tap the microphone and how to record the music you want to find. After that, you have to listen to various tracks until you find everything you are looking for. The database of the app is over 11 million songs, which is huge. However, you don’t have to worry about the simplicity of use. The app is intuitive and user-friendly. The icons are crystal clear. All the tools are understandable, and the categories are signed. To check out all your possibilities, go to the menu.

Features of Shazam

This service is one of the oldest on the market. How has it managed to stay for so long and still be popular? The secret is in its services that are offered:

  • Quick search in several seconds;
  • You can add the song you have found to your Spotify and Apple Music lists;
  • Lyrics are available to you synced with the music;
  • Videos are available from YouTube or Apple Music;
  • The app works offline as well;
  • You can search for music while out of the app;
  • There is a Dark Mode in the app, so you can enjoy the music at night.

Services Compatible with Shazam

Shazam works splendidly with Spotify and Apple Music. You don’t have to enter anything twice, just push the icon in the app. Besides, it can be synced with your iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple Watch. All you need is a 12.0 iOS system or 5.0 watch OS. You may share your records with users through Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp. The app is also available on the Android platform and is compatible with tablets as well.


Shazam is one of its kind apps. It owns a unique set of features that can’t be copied by other apps. The app searches the music that you can’t find on your own. The small part of the song is enough to find and recreated it in Spotify or Apple Music, depending on your preferences. The app is recommended by critics around the world and millions of users. It is compatible with various apps and services. The app works splendidly, even if you are offline or do not use it at the same moment.


  • Excellent 92%
  • Good 6%
  • Normal 1%
  • Bad 0%
  • Awful 0%