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What the game is all about

PUBG or Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds is a multiplayer action mobile game that offers over 100-players battles made in a classic design, including zombie and 4v4 team and payload modes. It has received Golden Joystick Award as the Best Mobile Game of the Year 2018, and Apple App Store recognized it as the Top Free iPhone Game 2018.  

Gameplay features  

Being specifically designed for mobile devices, PUBG has an exciting, spectacular gameplay, rich with various locations, armor, and intense battles. One you get int he game, your persona receives a basic battle gear and gets on the battlefield. The game offers a wide range of battle locations of different sizes, landscapes, weather, or day-night cycles. You can get to the  

  • urban battlefield,
  • exotic forest,
  • or even the frozen tundra.  

You can play solo or create squads consists of 2-4 soldiers. You can also become a Clan member or play solo, choosing first-person or third-person playing mode. Battling the enemies, you aim to get to the final circle of the game and win the main battle.  

Technical Information

This highly-dynamic action game has a bright and realistic HD graphics and 3D sound that dive you inside the battlefield. It is easy to customize your controls to get the best of the offered gameplay features. To improve your battling skills, you can use training mode before joining the real battles, testing your armor, and getting acquainted with the moves. For better team play, you have a voice chat to stay aware of the most recent wins and losses available for all players. The moves and weapon controls are smooth and as realistic as possible for the best battling experience possible for mobile.  

Tips for playing the game

To get acquainted with all basic controls, you will have to go through training or join at least one battle, but as soon as you feel how to move and use your weapons, you will feel how easy it is to battle. The game has several modes for the most pretentious players:  

  • classic 100-player battles,
  • zombie mode,  
  • 4v4 Team Deathmatch,  
  • or a thrilling payload mode.  

It is possible to use multiplayer mode to create a team of 2-4 soldiers, or you can join a big Clan to receive the tasks and collectively kill the enemies. The game might have different final battles depending on the players left, but the general plot remains the same: killing all enemies and surviving the battle.

Final recommendations

Recommended game for those who want to receive intense emotions from a mobile action game with HD graphics and 3D sound. This game has various playing modes ad locations, providing you with the unique experience of joining spectacular battles, either solo or with your friends. It is easy to get on with the moves and weapons using the training mode, as all moves are as smooth and realistic as possible.  


  • Excellent 79%
  • Good 8%
  • Normal 4%
  • Bad 3%
  • Awful 6%

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