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  • Version: Pou: 1.4.74
  • Author: Zakeh

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Pou is the game with a virtual pet that you have to feed and take care of. The game was created by Paul Salameh in 2012. Originally it was designed for BlackBerry 10. Now the game is available on Android and iOS platforms.

What is Pou?

Pou is similar to the legendary Tamagotchi game, which does not require additional devices, but still needs complete attention of players to their Pou. To diversify your possibilities inside the game, the developer added multiple mini-games. You can even play with your friends, connected via the Internet with them in the PvP match.

You raise Pou from the very beginning, carefully checking notifications you receive on your phone. The history of your actions is saved, so you will not lose the progress even if you change the device. All you need is to enter your account. You may change Pou’s personality and outlook. The mini-games are entertaining and creative. You can change the design of the room for Pou, change its outfits. Show your accomplishments to your friends.

How does Pou Look Like?

Pou is an extremely bright and colorful game. It lacks well-developed sceneries and numerous details, but it is funny and cute. Pou looks like an egg that can be colored any way you want, wear different costumes, and change gender if you like. The sounds are atmospheric, but after some time, you may want to turn them down. However, you have to be able to keep up with the Pou’s needs. You will receive notifications, so you will not miss the feeding time. The mini-games are colorful and simple. The app is suitable for children and grownups up to 3 years old.

Navigation Specifics

Pou was created for family use. It means that even small children can learn how to navigate the game. The controls are intuitive. Even if this is the first game on the phone, players can adjust to the game in no time. The game teaches us to use the phone as well. After some time inside the game, players will easily handle any app.

The app is not free of charge. It costs $1.99. To download it on your phone, you need to have at least a 4.0 Android system and later. Check out whether you have 24M of empty space on your smartphone.


The game is rather fun than educational. However, it also helps to improve your motility and teaches you the navigation on your phone. The Pou is family-friendly. It also offers multiplayer PvP games. Pou provides you with a cute colorful creature that you have to take care of. You learn how to be responsible and feed your friend on time. The game is not free. However, it costs less than a cup of coffee.


  • Excellent 75%
  • Good 10%
  • Normal 6%
  • Bad 2%
  • Awful 8%


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