Starfield: Shattered Space Coming This Fall, Next Update Will Add City Maps and More Ship Building Features

Bethesda Game Studios is preparing to launch further eagerly awaited updates for their space RPG, Starfield. In a recent discussion with Kinda Funny Games, Starfield's director, Todd Howard, offered insights into the upcoming enhancements and expansions planned for the game. He confirmed that Shattered Space, the first paid expansion for Starfield, is expected to be released during the fall of this year.

Prior to the rollout of Shattered Space, Starfield will receive a significant update that includes highly requested city maps and improvements in shipbuilding. Howard indicated that this update is to be announced soon, and after a short period on Steam Beta, it will become available to all players.

Additionally, Howard hinted at innovations in transportation within the game, promising new travel mechanisms that will enrich the exploratory elements of Starfield.

Overall, these updates are poised to enhance player experience significantly, reflecting Bethesda's commitment to evolving the game post-launch.