Capcom Aims High with 10 Million Sales Target for Street Fighter 6

The gaming community is abuzz as Capcom's president, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, recently revealed the company's ambitious goal of selling 10 million copies of the upcoming Street Fighter 6. In a candid interview with Famitsu, Tsujimoto discussed the steps Capcom has taken to make the game more inclusive and accessible to a wider audience.

Tsujimoto emphasized Capcom's flagship title, Street Fighter, as deserving of significant investment. He highlighted the success of the Resident Evil series, which boasts multiple 10 million copy sellers, and the Monster Hunter series, which targets 20 million copies. Street Fighter V has already sold over 7 million copies, setting the stage for the highly anticipated sequel.

Capitalizing on Capcom's digital sales experience, Tsujimoto aims for Street Fighter 6 to surpass its predecessor's home console sales record. With this target in mind, the development team has made efforts to incorporate features and elements that were previously unattainable in prior installments.

Tsujimoto also noted the shift towards digital game sales, which now account for about 80% of Capcom's total sales. This trend had influenced the company's sales strategies, allowing them to plan for up to three years after a game's initial release, as opposed to the traditional six-month window when physical copies dominated the market.

The increasing prevalence of digital sales allows Capcom to continue selling games at lower prices long after their launch, contributing to their impressive sales targets. With a three-year sales plan, the company aims to extend the life cycle of each game and maximize profits in the long run.

In conclusion, as Capcom gears up for the release of Street Fighter 6, fans eagerly await the opportunity to experience the new features and improvements that the developers have incorporated into the game. If Capcom can achieve its ambitious goal of selling 10 million copies, it will undoubtedly mark a significant milestone in the history of the Street Fighter franchise. With the company's commitment to innovation, it is clear that Capcom is ready to bring the series to even greater heights.