Mario Kart Tour

Review by Trenton Whitaker

  • Version: Expected Sep 25, 2019
  • Author: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

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Mario Kart Tour is a racing adventure for Mario and his friends. If you enjoy the adventures of a lively plumber and have a desire to engage in thrilling races, then this addition to the Mario Brothers series will certainly appeal to you. The game was created by Nintendo Co. 

What is Mario Kart Tour About?

The name of the game Mario Kart Tour speaks for itself. It is all about the races with all your favorite characters from the Mushroom Kingdom. Besides, there is a multiplayer mode available for players. You can ask your friends to compete against you or make new friends from across the world who share the same passion for Mario’s games. You have the ability to modify the rules to enhance the excitement of the game.

All your favorite characters are there. Pick one of them or try different ones depending on your mood. You can win the race and change the driver. You will pass through well-known countries and capitals. There is a Frenzy mode that allows you to change the rules and make adjustments to the racetrack. Turn it on and receive unlimited access to resources.

Is Mario Kart Tour Beautiful?

Mario Kart Tour looks vivid and fairy-tale like. If you've played other games in this series before, you'll already have an idea of what to anticipate. The graphics are unique and extremely positive. You receive the chance to enter the always sunny land where everyone has fun, no matter what happens. Besides, this time, the race is going worldwide. It means that you can see the most iconic places in the world without the urge to leave your house and travel. It is especially helpful while you are on lockdown. There are numerous collectibles and adorable characters to play.

How Complicated are Controls?

On the contrary, controls are one of the main benefits of Mario Kart Tour. You can navigate your kart with one finger. You may drift and can steer. You don’t even need to train a lot to play the game if your goal is to have fun. Once you decide that you want to become a leader of the race, you may start your training routine. Practice a lot, pick the most suitable for your character. Pick up the best car. You can ask your friends to help you to compete with each other. Together you will get the victory.


Mario Kart Tour game is joyful and lovely. While you take part in races, you don’t feel angry or competitive towards your friends. However, the feeling of victory is overwhelming, so don’t forget to win the race. The game is lighthearted. It offers you to enjoy the iconic sights of our planet together with your beloved characters from Super Mario Brothers games.