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  • Version: Lyft: 4.52.3
  • Author: Lyft, Inc.

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Lyft is a ride-sharing app that may be handy for everyone who is in a hurry and requires a car. It is free of charge app, created by Lyft Inc. The app is available on both mobile platforms. It is simple in use. You have to pay for the ride only, depending on the tariffs for your region.

Navigation Specifics

Lyft is an extremely simple app. If you have used other car-sharing services, you may be already familiar with its organization. The system's interface is designed for ease of use, making it accessible and straightforward for someone with no previous experience. After you download the app on your phone and register your profile, you will see the map and the search icon under it. Pick the place you want to go to. If you are currently walking towards the place you want to be picked up in, you have to choose it on the map. There will be several options for your ride, choose which one is the most suitable. If you want more features, tap the Home button. Every button is signed and crystal clear for understanding.

Main Features of Lyft

Lyft’s main goal is to provide you direct access to card sharing services. You can communicate with drivers or support team via this app. Besides, there are features you may want to take a look at:

  • Payments via the app. You don’t have to look for cash or worry whether you need to pay tips. Pay in the app in a few taps;
  • Lyft guarantees a safe ride. They made several improvements during the COVID-19 situation to guarantee your safety;
  • The app allows you to choose 9 various ways. You may check them all in the app. You will be able to decide whether you want a cheap ride, the quickest ride, the luxurious ride.


Lyft can be installed on both iOS and Android mobile platforms. It requires access to your GPS coordinates to be able to show you card sharing options. It is free of charge. Besides the iPhone, it is also compatible with iPod touch and iPad. It requires an 11.0 iOS system and 366.2Mb of empty space. You need to be connected to the Internet. The app is compatible with your bank’s app. You may pay for rides in advance.


Lyft app provides you a direct connection to the popular car-sharing service. The app is the creation of Lyft Inc. It helps find the perfect ride, pay via the system, and stay protected during the pandemic. The app is simple in use. It does not have vivid graphics, but everything is perfectly clear in it. Every button is signed and placed in order. The app is completely free of charge for everyone.


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