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About the app

LetGo is one of the largest marketplace apps in the world. This is a perfect place for shopping and selling second-hand items, such as clothing and accessories, furniture, gadgets, and electronics, or even cars. With well-set search settings, you can find exactly what you need in your perfect location.

Useful features

Letgo proposes its users access to an unbelievably wide range of items, starting from used smartphones and ending with houses for sale! This app has a well-structured settings system that allows you to easily shift between the categories, searching for the required products among the most developed list of items you can find in an app.

One of the standout attributes of letgo is its design emphasis on facilitating transactions within local communities. Thus, while searching for the required item, you will be provided with a list of options available in your neighborhood, and vice versa. Letgo has a geolocation feature that structures the list of items in a way to help you find the closest proposals. Certainly, you also have access to deals with users from distanced places, but such purchases are riskier.

Tips for using the app  

To start using the app, you need to download it on your device and create an account with your email, Facebook, or Google profile. You can freely put your items for sale or browse for the required products for an unlimited period with no fees.  

When you put an item on sale with letgo, it will receive the highest position on the list, as the posting time defines the place where the items are put. Thus, when the time passes, your item will move down, and it will be harder to find it. To get back on the top, you can use the bump feature: each bump costs about $1.99, and it a perfect match for speedy sales and finding clients in highly competitive product categories.

How it works on different platforms

This app is available for free download for both IOS and Android. For those who have limited mobile Internet plans or just want to view items on a larger screen, letgo has a full-fledged version on PC: just go to www.letgo.com and log in to your profile. You will have access to all your saved items, chats with other users, and personal information, just like in the mobile version.

Summing Up

Recommended app.  

Letgo is a perfect app for selling and purchasing a wide range of products that will provide you with the perfectly selected list of the newest and closest options. It is quite easy to use and available in PC and mobile versions. Certainly, purchasing from a private seller is always risky, but meeting eye-to-eye can always thoroughly check the product.


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