Review by Trenton Whitaker

  • Version: Homescapes: 1.0.0
  • Author: Playrix Games

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What the game is all about

Homescapes is matching and swapping, a free-to-play mobile video game with an interior design twist plot. Created by Playrix in 2017, this game has a major character Austin, the butler who requires help in bringing his household back to normal functioning.  

Gameplay features

This game perfectly combines:  

  • match-three playing,  
  • home renovating,  
  • design activities,  
  • additional mini-games.  

An interesting plot shows the development of Austin, the butler, his progress in repairing his house, and his interacting with the family members that provide him with new tasks. You can follow the lives of other characters and their interactions through a built-in social network. The game can be downloaded and played for free, but you can purchase various in-game items that will help you fulfill complicated tasks.  

Technical Information

Bright and simple game graphics supports the positive atmosphere of the plot, supported by joyous music that creates an exciting atmosphere for each task. The sounds do not distract during the play but help to highlight each stage. When the task is completed, you will hear the music cheerful music. You can turn it off in the settings in case you prefer to play in silence. The game is designed in bright colors that help you to match items or find the required solution to fix the room in the mansion. Thus all colors are used to dive you deeper in the play and can also be the keys to task completion. It is easy to manage the controls that are almost identical for each task.

Playing the game

Homescapes is a perfect option to play the game with your friends or just other users: you can join the teams or invite them in your team to collectively complete the tasks, creating your perfect house. In case you have spent all your lives, you can request your team to share some more with you. Using controls is easy, and all moves are smooth, so you won’t lose your life because of occasional decisions. The final aim is completing all tasks that will bring you to your perfect mansion.

Final recommendations

Recommended game.

This is a great free-to-play mobile game to relax and switch your thoughts. With various tasks and built-in mini-games, Homescapes has something to offer to the most demanding users. With pretty simple controls, it is easy to start and quickly progress from task to task. Being able to play in a team, you will have access to speedy task completing, extra lives, and collective brain-storms.


  • Excellent 70%
  • Good 18%
  • Normal 5%
  • Bad 3%
  • Awful 4%