• Version: Episode - Choose Your Story: 7.50.0+g
  • Author: Episode Interactive

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What the game is all about

Episode is an exciting interactive story mobile video game that has various plots you can choose to dive in with your chosen character. The game created by Episode Interactive has over 5 million weekly users and over 100,000 stories to choose from.

Gameplay features

Starting to play, you are offered a wide range of stories to become a part of. You can choose a vampire saga, favorite movie plot, or even become a celebrity such as Demi Lovato! You play from the first-person, customizing your persona, and making decisions on each step of the plot development. It is possible to change your hairstyle and outfit during the game, opening new story chapters. To develop your story faster or get access to the more available decision, you can purchase gems for real money. It is also possible to share your stories with your friends and join the community of Episode players.  

Technical Information

Episode has a bright, colorful graphics that perfectly supports the mood of the game. With a variety of locations, characters, and outfits, it creates a relaxing atmosphere of the joyous game. The built-in calming, positive background music intensifies the plot development and underlines the most critical moments. Each story has a set of individual audio effects that reflect the overall atmosphere of the story. The audio settings can be set up individually, as well as notifications and personal profiles.

Playing the game

Starting to play the game, it is easy to get acquainted with the controls quickly. You have to set your persona and click on the preferred choice to get to the next stage of the story. You can share your progress or the whole story with your friends and join the Episode community to follow other players' stories. Each story has a series of alternate endings based on the decisions you have made. It is possible to run the same story several times to experience all alternate endings provided for the plot.  

Final Recommendations

Episode is recommended for players that like diving in the story and creating the ending themselves. This is a great option to become the author of a new exciting adventure that you can share with your friends. Another great feature is the ability to customize your persona, choosing new hairstyles and outfits. In case you need to run away from the daily routine, this is a perfect alternative to books or TV series as you create the story yourself.  


  • Excellent 64%
  • Good 17%
  • Normal 8%
  • Bad 3%
  • Awful 10%