Design Home

Review by Trenton Whitaker

  • Version: Design Home: 1.03.24

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About the Game

Do you ever visualize how your dream home looks like? Design Home is a simulation game that enables you to play around with diverse possibilities in regards to interior design. Here is where you put your home decorating ideas to practice. The game is not only fun to play and relaxing, but it also helps you in honing your decorating skills by taking advantage of the daily Design Challenges. The developers have done excellent work with the visuals, as the game features spectacular three-dimensional spaces. There is a wide selection of real, top quality furniture and décor items. Some features will require you to unlock ‘My Home’ for you to access them. These include bathrooms, kitchens and many other customization options. Design Home has a vibrant players community where you can learn great ideas regarding décor styles. The beautiful thing is that ideas and inspirations you obtain from this game are applicable in real-life settings.

Features You’ll Enjoy

Design Home is a game with lots of incredible features to enjoy. Some of these are listed below:

  • A fun, fast and enjoyable gameplay;

  • Unlock ‘My Home’ for more decoration possibilities;

  • Unleash your creativity and hone your skills in daily Design Challenges.

  • Share your decors ideas with friends on Facebook;

  • Access real-life furniture and décor brands;

  • Unlock awesome rewards by completing challenges;

  • Be part of a supportive and creative players community;

  • Vote for your most admired rooms.

Also, you are at liberty to shop for items displayed in your favorite rooms. The possibilities are endless, as new furnishing items are regularly added, giving you the flexibility of further customizing your decorations for more personalized designs.

Extra Disclosures

Design Home is free to play, however, there are optional items you can purchase using real money for a more enhanced experience. These include the Starter package, Diamond packages, Bliss bundles, Spring Seascape bundles, among others. 

The Bottom Line

Design Home is a game that is appealing not only for interior design enthusiasts but also for anyone who would like to put their creativity to the test. The graphics are simply awesome. The fact that new items are added daily gives the game great replay value, you can always come back to try out new ideas using newly supplied furniture and décor pieces. Overall, Design Home is a game that’s worth playing.


  • Excellent 74%
  • Good 16%
  • Normal 5%
  • Bad 2%
  • Awful 3%