Coin Master

Review by Imogen Cunningham

  • Version: Coin Master: 3.2
  • Author: Moon Active

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At the heart of Coin Master lies a whimsical narrative driven by the pursuit of coins, the construction of various themed villages, and the relentless spinning of a slot machine that dictates the fate of the player. Though it doesn't boast a deep or complex storyline, the game is centered around a Viking character that players accompany on a journey filled with raids, construction, and occasional battles with other Vikings. These interactions form the foundation of the game’s objectives, with the storytelling element being light-hearted and not taking itself too seriously.

Cast of Coin-Collecting Vikings and Adorable Companions

While there aren't main characters in the traditional sense, the player's avatar acts as the protagonist, often accompanied by a pet with special abilities that assist in obtaining more coins or defending their village. Various opponents, like friends from social media and random players, embody the antagonists whenever a raid or an attack occurs. Despite the simplicity of the characterization, players grow attached to their Viking avatars, cheering for their successes and nursing a drive for revenge when attacked.

Spinning Fortune’s Wheel: The Game Mechanics

The core of Coin Master gameplay entails spinning a slot machine to earn coins, shields, or the opportunity to raid and attack other villages. A set number of spins replenishes over time, with the option for players to purchase more or acquire them through invitations to friends. The fundamental actions players can take are straightforward:

- Constructing and Upgrading: Players use coins from the slot machine to build and continually upgrade buildings in their village.
- Raiding and Attacking: Landing on the attack or raid icons allows players to pillage other players' villages for coins or deal damage to their structures.

These simple and repetitive mechanics ensure the game is easy to grasp, yet the randomness of the slot machine keeps the outcome unpredictable and engaging.

A Symphony of Coins

Coin Master does not aim to dazzle with hyper-realistic graphics or a symphonic score, yet its colorful, cartoonish aesthetic and catchy sound effects create an enjoyable atmosphere. The visuals are bright and appealing, with each village featuring distinct themes that keep the visual experience fresh. The sound design effectively reinforces the actions on screen – the clinking of coins, the thud of hammers, and the whimsical music that accompanies each spin of the slot machine contribute to a satisfying experience.

Viking Comradery and Rivalries: Multiplayer Interaction

The competitive edge of Coin Master stems from its multiplayer aspect. Friends from Facebook can become allies or rivals, with an interface that encourages players to invite others to the game for rewards. Notably, the game fosters a sense of community with the feature of sending and receiving gifts of coins and spins, enhancing the social aspect. The exhilarating challenge of outshining peers by building superior villages and fending off their assaults offers a compelling attraction for numerous enthusiasts.

Side Quests: Additional Challenges Beyond Coin Collection

Side quests in Coin Master are limited but can be found in the form of special events, such as tournaments where players can compete for additional rewards. These events encourage increased play time and engagement, as well as presenting unique challenges and a break from the usual game routine.

Judgment of the Viking Slot Machine: Replayability and Control

One of "Coin Master’s" strongest suits is its replayability. With a plethora of villages to unlock and upgrade with escalating costs and complexity, there's always a new goal on the horizon. The game cleverly uses the slot machine's randomness combined with timed rewards to keep players returning for "just one more spin".

Mastery of the Coin Horde: Control Effectiveness

The simplicity of the controls contributes significantly to the game’s accessibility. It's a game of taps and swipes – easy to learn and satisfying to execute. The controls themselves never detract from the experience but rather enable seamless interaction with the game's features.

Final Verdict: A Casual Gamer’s Delight or Monotony?

Coin Master is an enchanting casual game experience wrapped in a Viking façade. It hooks players with a loop of collecting coins and investing them in village expansion, with the intermittent rush of raiding or defending against peers. Yet, the game's fondness for leaning heavily on the sole act of spinning may be perceived as both its paramount asset and its Achilles' heel. The novelty and enthusiasm to progress may wane over time for players seeking more depth and variety in gameplay.

The game's simplicity makes it an ideal pastime for casual gamers who want to dip in and out without the commitment of time or focus. For a more hardcore audience, the lack of strategic depth may prove underwhelming after the initial charm wears off.

In conclusion, Coin Master is engaging, easy to play, and offers a rich multiplayer experience. However, players should enter the Viking's journey with realistic expectations; this is a world of luck and repetition where fortunes turn at the pull of a lever. Gamers looking for an engaging story or complex strategies may need to set sail for different shores, but those who delight in a relaxed game of chance with friends will find Coin Master a treasure worth plundering.


  • Excellent 66%
  • Good 11%
  • Normal 5%
  • Bad 2%
  • Awful 16%