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If you’ve never imagined you’d play a casino-styled builder game one day, Coin Master is it. Amid numerous call-outs for it being a scam and making it impossible for you to progress without spending any real money, at its depth Coin Master is a fun and addictive game, a real time-killer.

The Premise

Built both for iOS and Android, Coin Master is a game where players split slots styled by casino play. Once you spin, you may win coins, weapons, and shields which you can use to attack other villages and build your own Viking village. Most of the game is played at the slot machine where you can earn spins, coins, shields, and raids. Every hour the game gives you five free spins and if you aren’t too patient, you might need to cough up real cash to get extra spins. The outcome of your slot machine determines what you can do next, for example, landing 3 hammers enables you to raid other players’ villagers, three pigs allow you steal coins from other players, earning a shield means you are protected from one raid. If you land a triple hammer set, the game suggests who you can attack. You have the option to ‘revenge’ against someone that attacked you, or you can raid a random player.

The game has a social aspect added to it, and you can connect with your friends on Facebook or choose to play through a guest account. Some useful tips for earning coins or spins include raiding other villages, keeping pets, watching promotional videos, collecting cards, taking part in special events, and connecting with your Facebook friends and other players on the social platform.  

How Does Coin Master Look and Play Like?

Coin Master is created in an animated way and at first sight, looks like a game created for children. The graphics are entirely cartoon-like, and the backdrops are static, emphasizing simplicity. The game has lots of color, although it would be nice if some features such as the slot machine could have customizable skins. The game has an easy learning curve, and the most important button you’ll need to use is the spin button which you tap on. The rest of the game is mainly passive, for example, if you press the ‘attack’ button you can pick from the avatar of a player to attack and the actual raid is automatically done.

What’s the Possibility of Replaying the Game?

Despite how fun and addictive this game is, it leaves much to be desired in several aspects. For example, when you are not playing you can easily get raided by other players. The game encourages you to attack your Facebook friends which itself could hurt a few relationships in real life. Most times you only collect several cards of the same type with the stipulation that you can only use one at a time. Getting the shield icon is extremely difficult, and some of the outcomes on the slot machines seem pre-determined.

Overall, this is a great game, but progressing without waiting too long is difficult. That or you’ll be forced into spending real cash to purchase coins or hammers.



  • Excellent 66%
  • Good 11%
  • Normal 5%
  • Bad 2%
  • Awful 16%


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