Three More Types of Personalized Playlists on Spotify

The launch of “Spotify Mixes” brings three new personalized playlist types for Spotify users. This morning the company has announced that they are going to expand the personalized experience with more categories to playlists of “Spotify Mixes.” The new options will include genre mixes, artist mixes, and the decade mixes.

You will receive access to more mixes based on your preferences. There will be the 2010s Mix, for example, and Pop Mix. Fans of particular artists will be able to enjoy their mixes, like Drake Mix.

According to Spotify, the idea appeared with the help of Daily Mixes, launched back in 2016. This was one of the biggest expansions of the company. The large set of mixes was based on the listening history of users. Daily Mixes nowadays contains a mix of your favorite songs and those that are similar to them. Spotify Mixes is going to follow this idea. You will receive the music from your favorite singer, band, period of time, or genre. Alongside songs you picked yourself, there will be suggested music based on your preferences. The Spotify Mixes will be more personalized and have an advanced search engine for its users. The feature will be available internationally.