Saving the Day Twice in Starfield's "Entangled" Mission: Your Ultimate Guide

Starfield's "Entangled" mission presents a challenging choice: Save a universe teeming with life or rescue a lone survivor in another. This guide will take you through the process of saving both universes, a feat that requires finesse and careful navigation.

Preparing the Ground

After navigating the maze of dimensional warping and reaching the probe and the artifact, your first task is to neutralize any threats in both dimensions. This includes the Ataxi in Rafael's universe and the defensive robots in the populated universe. Ensuring a safe environment will ease the steps ahead.

Unearth the Secrets

Once the threats have been mitigated, find Rafael's body in the universe where everyone survived. Near a corner Distortion, you will find his Probe Calibration Protocol. Reading this document will reveal the steps necessary to save both universes.

Power Interlocks: Setting the Stage

Firstly, ensure that all Power Interlocks in both universes are engaged, indicated by a green light. Although they should be already engaged, you may want to verify this for peace of mind.

Initiating Degaussing: The Critical Step

Afterwards, head to the Lab Control Computer in the Control Room, accessible only from Rafael's universe. Log on to the computer, navigate to "Lab Controls" then "Degaussing," and initiate the process. The computer will instruct you to degauss Power Interlocks 6 and 7, but remember, this is only pertinent to Rafael's universe.

Power Cycling and Frequency Calibration

Toggle off and then reboot Power Interlocks 6 and 7, located near the stairs and behind the probe. Afterward, return to the Lab Control Computer and calibrate the frequency to "24 GHz" under the "Frequency Calibration" setting.

Repeating the Process: The Final Steps

Switch to the universe where everyone survived. Initiate Degaussing again and follow the computer's instructions to degauss Power Interlocks 1, 3, 4, and 7. After degaussing, calibrate the frequency to "60 GHz" to stabilize the Intake Waveform.

Primary Calibration: Home Stretch

Finally, activate the Primary Calibration Control near the probe in both universes to complete the mission. Following these steps will result in a cutscene that lands you back at the Nishina Research Station, with both Dr. Barakova and Rafael greeting you.

Reaping the Rewards

The rewards for saving both universes are substantial: an Incendiary Refined Experimental Nishina Legendary Spacesuit, a Reactive Refined Experimental Nishina Legendary Helmet, 23,000 credits, and 800 XP. Furthermore, you can recruit Rafael to work on your ship. His expertise in Outpost Engineering, Starship Engineering, and Outpost Management will prove invaluable as you continue your adventures in Starfield.

Remember, the key to success in "Entangled" is careful planning, understanding the mechanics, and having the perseverance to save both universes. Good luck, and enjoy the journey!