Samsung to Release TikTok App for Smart TVs  

While what TikTok is known for includes a vertical screen (not what TVs are about), it still makes sense to have such an app for Smart TV. At least, so thinks Samsung, one of the main vendors of Smart TV sets. TikTok becomes a platform that shares more than mindless dancing tricks. It features educational programs, food recipes, lots of other content that makes sense to watch on a bigger screen.

Samsung TV sets of 2021 will come with a preinstalled TokTok app, as a result of collaboration between the two companies. Though screens of most TVs (except for an experimental The Sero that can switch between modes) are landscape-oriented, and TikTok videos are made for mobile view and portrait-oriented, the two companies still have plans for its success. Another Samsung TV that can work in vertical mode is Samsung Frame, designed as a wall art piece. Instead of traditional black stripes, the rest of the screen will be filled with a dynamic background generated from the very video you’re watching in real-time.

There may be more integration between Samsung phones and Samsung TVs when it comes to creating content as well as viewing it. Obviously. The TV app will only serve you content, while the mobile client will enable you to create it.


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