Rock Your Way Through Fortnite: How to Get Metallica Skins

When it comes to intertwining the thrill of battle with iconic rock personas, Fortnite never disappoints. With the arrival of Metallica's legendary band members, players can now blend their love for music and gaming into one exhilarating experience. Below, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to rock out in Fortnite with Metallica skins.

Step 1: Purchasing the Fortnite Festival Season 4 Premium Reward Track

Purchasing the Fortnite Festival Season 4 Premium Reward Track

To get your hands on the Metallica members' skins, you'll first need to buy the Fortnite Festival Season 4 Premium Reward Track. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Access the Fortnite Festival Playlist: Navigate to the main menu and select the 'Fortnite Festival' playlist.
  2. Select the Festival Pass Tab: Within this playlist, head over to the 'Festival Pass' tab.
  3. Purchase the Premium Reward Track: Opt for the Premium Reward Track and confirm your purchase. You'll need 1,800 V-Bucks to complete this transaction.

Buying this pass isn't just a gateway to unlocking band members; it grants you numerous other rewards as you progress through different levels.

Step 2: Earning Festival Points

To unlock different Metallica members, start collecting Festival Points. You can earn points by engaging in different activities, such as completing Fortnite Festival quests, competing on the Main Stage, and delving into the new Battle Jam mode. Here's how you can stack up points:

  1. Complete Fortnite Festival Quests: Engage in challenges that specifically belong to the Fortnite Festival category.
  2. Play on the Main Stage: Spend time on the Main Stage, achieving objectives and exploring new game modes.
  3. Get Involved in Battle Jam: Participate in the adrenaline-pumping Battle Jam mode that offers multiple opportunities for earning points.

Step 3: Unlocking Lars Ulrich

The first Metallica member you can unlock upon purchasing the Premium Reward Track is Lars Ulrich. He comes bundled automatically with the initial purchase, so you get instant gratification right after you invest those 1,800 V-Bucks.

Unlocking Lars Ulrich

Step 4: Reaching Milestones for Other Members

Now that you’ve got Lars focus on accumulating more Festival Points to unlock the rest of the band members:

  • Robert Trujillo: Unlockable at 2,000 Festival Points.
  • Kirk Hammett: Unlockable at 9,000 Festival Points.
  • James Hetfield: Unlockable at 11,000 Festival Points.

By now, you'll be firmly rooted in the Fortnite Festival experience, enjoying various quests and modes while gradually unlocking your favorite band members.

Step 5: Purchasing the Metallica Bundle in the Item Shop

Not satisfied with just the base skins? You’re in luck; Fortnite offers a superior Metallica Bundle known as the Puppet Masters. The bundle costs 3,400 V-Bucks and is a steal if you compare it to purchasing individual items. Here's what you get:

  • Outfits: Puppet Master versions of Lars, James, Kirk, and Robert.
  • LEGO Minifigures: Each band member comes with a LEGO version for LEGO Fortnite enthusiasts.
  • Back Blings: Unique back bling items such as Skull of the Storm, Muffler Monster, Surfstrummer, and Chitin Titan.
  • Lightning Dropper: An electrifying contrail to accompany your in-game movements.
  • Eighteen Wrap: Exclusive only to the Metallica Bundle.
  • Where I May Roam Jam Track: A special Lobby Track to set the mood.

By investing in this bundle, you save 3,700 V-Bucks, adding both value and variety to your collection.

Step 6: Grabbing Individual Skins from the Item Shop

Grabbing Individual Skins from the Item Shop

In case you prefer picking up individual band members, Fortnite allows you to do just that. Each Puppet Master skin costs 1,500 V-Bucks and includes:

  • LEGO Minifigure: A playful rendition of the character.
  • Unique Back Bling: Custom-tailored to each band member.
  • 5 Distinct Styles: Options to customize each outfit with different colors and reactive glow effects.

Simply head to the Item Shop, browse the availability, and make your selection based on your preferred character.

Step 7: Waiting for Item Shop Returns (If You Miss Out)

If you miss any of these opportunities initially, don't worry! The Metallica skins are expected to make a return in the Item Shop at a later yet unconfirmed date. This makes them available for fans who might have initially missed out, albeit most likely as separate purchases rather than bundled.

Conclusion: Ready to Rock?

Bringing Metallica into Fortnite brings an unprecedented blend of music and gaming. Whether through the Fortnite Festival Premium Pass, the exclusive bundles, or future Item Shop offerings, getting these skins gives you a unique and exhilarating way to enjoy both your favorite game and legendary rock music. So dive in, collect those Festival Points, and let the power of rock guide you to Victory Royale!