Gaming Classics Join New Titles with Apple Arcade Update

It seems that the Apple Arcade subscription service is no longer limited to just new mobile games. The company decided that it’s time to attract new users with the addition of gaming classics, thus surprising many and completely changing the previous concept of Apple Arcade.

Since its launch, the service hasn’t attracted as many users as hoped. As they offered only new and exclusive games, many players didn’t know what they were getting into. What is more, a lot of new games could be completed in just a few hours, so there was no point in staying subscribed. With the update, Apple decided to add 30 games to the app and 19 of them are games that we are familiar with. This includes Fruit Ninja, sudoku, Threes, solitaire, and more. These are the games that can be replayed many times, so it makes sense for people to subscribe.

Besides the old games, there will be 11 completely new installments. Some of the most awaited games include World of Demons, which was developed by PlatinumGames, and Taiko. Also, players will get access to a brand-new RPG game called Fantasian – an installment created by the developers of Final Fantasy.

Now that the service will encompass both new games and old ones, it will likely become a prominent provider of mobile entertainment. Many people agree that it will be easier for players to get into it thanks to classic developments. After that, users will be able discover new ones right in Apple Arcade. If developers of the service continue to update it regularly, it will surely become a go-to place for numerous mobile game enthusiasts.

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