Discover the Top Roguelike Games

Roguelike games serve players with a blend of frustrating difficulty and addictive gameplay, creating a unique gaming experience. Though the genre’s games feature some common elements, the variety and exceptional quality of many individual titles make them a visual treat. 

The influence of roguelike games extends well beyond their genre, redefining gaming approaches to permanent death and supreme challenges. The games may come across as a tad masochistic at times, but the sense of accomplishment they yield is unparalleled.

The following rundown bestows upon you an insight into the intriguing world of roguelike games, a realm full of trials, errors, and narrow victories.

The Binding of Isaac

It would be amiss not to begin with the notable name that is The Binding of Isaac, deserving a nod in any roguelike roundup. The narrative centers around a young boy named Isaac, who is forced to delve into a horror-filled basement to escape his mother's God-ordered wrath. With the right set of power-ups, you can transform into a mega-powerful cyclops or command a mini-army of attacking babies. 

Though the game's difficulty scales up as you advance, the potential to unlock various characters and power-ups makes it worthwhile. And yes, there's also the thrill of defeating Satan himself!

The Binding of Isaac game

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is another must-mention title in this genre. It combines Metroidvania-style gameplay, increasing abilities, and region accessibility, with the roguelike element of restarting upon death. Consider it a tightrope walk involving nitroglycerin and a sword.

However, the game triumphs in achieving the equilibrium, wrapping up meticulously crafted combat sequences where you dart around, leaping and attacking in a rhythm worthy of a ballet. Remember, though: you can lose every earned upgrade with either death or victory. But worry not; the revitalized game post the final boss battle amps up the stakes, making it an ever-engrossing chase. 


PlateUp! immerses players in the delightful pandemonium of running your own restaurant. Whether it's solo play or a group experience, you're tasked with constructing your eatery, whipping up delectable dishes, and catering to your guests. 

The unique twist to PlateUp! is that every restaurant is procedurally generated, offering a distinct layout for each gaming session. However, beware! This game carries the roguelike characteristic of losing your progress when the restaurant shuts down. For those who relish the mayhem of collaborating with friends, this could be the ideal roguelike title.

PlateUp game


Then there's Crawl, a captivating local multiplayer arcade that brings Lovecraftian horror to life with pixel art visuals. The primary goal is not to stay alive but to descend into the dungeon – and possibly madness. 

The standout element is the competitive aspect: only one player can claim victory. As a result, the game often devolves into players returning post-mortem as ghosts trying to eliminate the surviving player and claim their position amongst the living. This results in a thrilling dance of spirited scheming and treachery.

The deceased aren't helpless, either: they can animate traps, summon monsters, and generally make life incredibly tricky for the living. As players die and respawn, so too does the number of available content increase – you can worship new gods, access new items, and explore more heart-stopping traps. If you find satisfaction in repeatedly meeting your digital demise and sharing that joy with friends, Crawl could be your ticket to an unforgettable gaming experience.

Slay the Spire 

Only a year after its release in January 2019, Slay the Spire has emerged as a formidable contender in the roguelike genre. Described as an interesting fusion of deck-building, card-battling, and turn-based dungeon-crawling, this game was clearly designed by marrying two distinct genres and running with unpredictable outcomes. 

In the game, your goal is to ascend the eponymous Spire. Along the way, you traverse diverse levels, engage in battles with a variety of monsters, and collect new cards for your deck and, potentially, new gear. Sounds straightforward, doesn’t it?

What sets Slay the Spire apart is the underlying complexity of its seemingly straightforward choices. Deck expansion, though necessary, decreases the probability of drawing other cards. Therefore, every opportunity to acquire a new card needs to be weighed carefully. Carte blanche, a wrong move means restarting, albeit with more comprehension of deck arrangement and game strategy. These nuances make Slay the Spire stand out among roguelike games.

Slay the Spire game


Hades, released in 2020, created quite a stir online and is a definitive entry in our lineup of the best roguelike games. The game offers a unique spin on the roguelike genre, infuses it with fast action, and weaves in a captivating narrative based on Greek mythology. Praised for its splendid art design and accessible mechanics even for newcomers to the genre, Hades is undeniably an impressive achievement. 

To the delight of its fans, a sequel, Hades 2, was announced during The Game Awards 2022, promising even more thrilling adventures and engrossing drama.


Despite its distinctly lovable characters and charming art style, the card-based game Wildfrost was a surprising addition to our list of favored roguelike games. Drawing similarities with Slay the Spire, this game urges its players to think and plan several moves in advance, effectively reviving the classic challenges of roguelike games.

True to its genre, the charm of Wildfrost lies in its replayability. Expect the unexpected every time you start a new run, as you will encounter a new hero with unique abilities and buffs upon returning to the camp. Even though every run differs slightly, regular players will eventually begin to identify the best strategies and pinpoint the most formidable opponents.

Partaking in the world of roguelike games is a journey through rewarding adversity – these titles will trample over you yet leave you asking for more. The throes of challenges concoct a unique recipe that keeps pulling you back in, making this genre an exhilarating realm of gaming.