A Long-Awaited Dating App by Facebook Being Tested

It’s sort of strange Facebook has not conquered the dating service market, its app simply called Dating still not dominating. Now the social mammoth shows its dating project. Instead of integrating dating features into the main app, it tests a standalone one with specific features.

Sparked (being the name of the app) will require a Facebook account to log in, plus some extra data about your attitudes: your preferences, including your attitude towards trans people, and the traces that you suppose make you attractive. User profiles will be moderated to reduce risks of abuse.

instead of traditional dating apps that offer regular chat features after a mutual like or with a premium account, Sparked will feature four-minute video chat as the core format. It takes a second date for the users to exchange contacts, including Facebook and Instagram profiles. Matches will be random, not enabling users to just browse through profiles.

So far the app is only available to a small group of beta testers. No official release date has been announced so far. Probably it will replace Dating that (as it’s been announced) will become a part of Instagram. At least, what’s coming is not a replica of Tinder, giving it a chance to win more attention.