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King of Bingo Bongo

Bingo Blitz is an online/mobile game for everyone, who has a thirst for innocent gambling every once in a while. In other words, gambling that doesn't require you to spend much of the real money.

Basically, it is a Facebook-oriented adaptation of the classic Bingo games. Only, like any other Facebook game version, it has "modified" rules, nuances and unlockable bonuses, collectibles and power-ups.

The gameplay is simple:  you spend your credits on up to four cards. A number of players join you, and the game length depends on the total number of people involved. It goes on and on until a handful of lucky ones get their "Bingos!" and then you can collect your winnings or count losses.

From time to time some of the tiles on your cards will generate random bonuses: a pile of coins or loot chests. By the way, the situation with those chests gets tricky: you can have them, but they need a key to be unlocked. And to get the keys, you need to do a little bit of spending or win them by chance for participating in more rounds of Bingo Blitz. At least the treasures hidden in the chests are delightful:

  • Even more coins;
  • Power-ups;
  • Credits;
  • Rare collectibles.

Power-ups can boast of some useful effects: filling random positions on a bingo card, spawning extra tiles, generating coins and so forth.

Collectibles are special trophies, which can be conquered for playing and winning in one of the special Bingo Blitz locations. There are a lot of them, and they are titled after the world's most significant cities: New York, London, Madrid, Tokyo, Dublin, etc. So totally every city has 12 locations and thus a dozen of Collectibles to be gained.

Something to look at?

In terms of audiovisual content, Bingo Blitz is a clean, family-friendly game, with cute and decently designed art style. A clever catch is that every location, from Bangkok to Havana, has its own announcer, who reads off the digits once they pop up on your screen. And every announcer has a discernible accent, which indicates his national origins. But of course, if you don't need his services, he can be "silenced" at any moment.

Will the game make you say "Bingo"?

It probably will. It is enjoyable, cute and even sort of addictive. It does play on the gambling instinct that many of us have, but at least it won't vacuum-clean your pockets like a Las Vegas casino, making you curse your fate afterward.

And it has a number of intriguing catches and fresh additions, and of course, you can always invite your friends to join you: originally Facebook Blitz has been designed for playing it via Facebook, so sending out a couple of invitations won't be much of a problem.

Just remember before you begin playing: the game offers no real money or prizes as a reward. Well except for a portion of healthy, casual fun. It is a good prize.


  • Excellent 77%
  • Good 12%
  • Normal 6%
  • Bad 2%
  • Awful 3%


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