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Support and be supported

Available for Android and iOS, BIGO Life is a platform/mobile application designed for live broadcasts and streaming.  It is similar to Twitch or YouTube Live in a way, and with the help from BIGO Life people can stream:

  • Gaming: Dota 2, Fortnite, LoL, PUBG, retro games, etc.;
  • Live cooking shows, with exotic or mildly dangerous ingredients involved;
  • Piano concerts, involving Elton John/Billy Joel covers;
  • Storytelling shows;
  • Tutorials, lessons, lectures;
  • Midnight fitness sessions.
  • Trips, visits to abandoned/haunted houses and other thrilling adventures.

And so on, and so forth. Whatever your imagination can come up with. Just do this:

  • Find a talent/skill in you;
  • Polish it;
  • Develop your own format: let's say a make-up masterclass;
  • And shine!

But the streaming isn't just another entertaining hobby with BIGO Life. On the contrary: by attracting viewers, you can establish your own fandom and begin collecting money in the form of donations. Donating is possible through two types of the in-app currency:

a)   Beans.

b)   Diamonds.

The aforementioned currency can be converted into real money with ease, according to the app developers. For instance, there are various Diamond packages, which you can obtain to support your favorite streamer: the cheapest with 42 Diamonds will cost you roughly $1.5. Meanwhile, the biggest with 3 818 Diamonds is about $120. And after you donate, a part of the mulla you spent on the package goes to the streamer.

Apart from throwing cash on the talented person you like, you can simply enjoy whatever show they can make for you and leave commentaries and feedback.

Face to face convos?

Apart from public streaming, there's also a private option. You can parlay with your counterpart face to face in a secure video-chat. The number of people present in the private chat can be 2 or 3 persons at a time.

Another feature allows you to host a closed, "VIP" streaming for the special guests, who received exclusive invitations from you.

The app also has an integrated "beautification" tool, which improves the visual quality of your broadcast.

The Bottom Line

All in all BIGO Live is a marvelous promotional platform for many talents yet to be discovered. No matter what you're brilliant at - magic tricks, spooky stories, dancing, freestyle rap, acrobatics or potato salad eating - BIGO Live will help you find your own audience and make your name be heard.

Not to forget about the financial side of the app: streamers are frequently donated. After all, there are more than 150 million active users from every corner of the world on this platform.

And apart from original and unique entertainment, you can rarely see on TV, BIGO Live is also suitable for staying in touch with your friends - private video-chats will help you with this.

Download BIGO Live now and make people talk about you!


  • Excellent 67%
  • Good 11%
  • Normal 6%
  • Bad 5%
  • Awful 12%

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