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  • Version: Bible: 7.7

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Smart Bible

Currently, more than 250 million mobile devices have the Holy Bible app installed on them.  People read the Holy book, analyze the writings, share them with friends & family, listen to the to its audio version and spread the word thanks to the application.

Available on all mobile platforms possible, Bible app can be pretty useful for:

  • Religious people.
  • Priests and preachers.
  • Those, who study ancient history and legislation.
  • Theologists and philosophers.

And not to forget missionaries. The interface of the application "knows" up to 30 languages, meanwhile Bible itself is available in a stunning number of 775 languages (!) So its teachings and ideas can be brought to any continent, country, culture, community and so on.

Whether you want to refresh your knowledge of the Scripture or study and work with Bible quite intensely, it has  a number of helpful features:

  • Text highlighting - you can make notes, highlight interesting quotes, ideas, words etc.
  • Bookmarks - never forget where you left off and continue reading no to skip a sentence.
  • Available popular versions: NIV, NASB, ESV, NLT, King James Version, The Message, New King James Version.
  • Audio versions - replay, skip any part you like and control the timeline.

Besides, your thoughts, questions, observations, findings, etc. can be shared with your friends online via email, cloud storage services (Dropbox, Google Drive) or messengers - WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord and so on.

Holy guidance

If you need to find a certain book, fragment or even a sentence in the Scripture you can always use the search function. Moreover, the application includes study plans that will help you:

  • Complete reading the Scripture;
  • Study problematic, hard-to-understand fragments;
  • Become proficient at Bible.

And it's possible to accomplish in less than one year, thanks to this app.

Furthermore, you can track the progress made by your friends at studying the Holy Book: the app shows which part of the Bible you and your friends are currently studying, the notes you and they make, have discussions, share particularly inspirational verses and so forth.

Besides right in the application you can watch the miniseries "The Bible", movie about Jesus titled "Jesus" and the "Lumo Project".


You may be looking for the spiritual enrichment, enlightenment or some revelations. You may have scientific interest for the Book. Or you can be just casually curious about what's written in it. Whatever it is you're interested in - the Bible app can give you some answers.


  • Excellent 93%
  • Good 5%
  • Normal 1%
  • Bad 0%
  • Awful 0%