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Be a beatmaker maybe?

If works of DJ Premier, RZA, Jake One, DJ Muggs, J Dilla or maybe Danger Mouse and others never failed to touch your heart and you've been wondering what it feels like to a lay a beat together - your quest ends now. Beat Makes go is a mobile app that will introduce you to the basics of beat production, music arrangement and a better understanding of how rhythm works.

Now, your new beatstation contains pads, to which you can assign sound samples from various sample packs. Those sample packs were assembled and prepared by professional music producers and DJs and feature such popular genres as:

  • Hip-Hop.
  • EDM.
  • Trap.
  • Drum-n-Bass.
  • Dubstep.

And others.

Once you learn the basics of how things work in the app - a guide in the beginning will prompt you what to do - you can put together your first beat. But it's only 10% of the work to be done. The sound needs space, complexity and character to avoid being tastelessly bland and sound catchy. This is where the audio effects come in: Beat Maker Go app features Reverberation, Flanger, Equalization, Phaser, Tremolo, Distortion (Skrillex style) and so on. Effects can be applied and adjusted in real time.

You can create both your own music loops - the short repetitive fragments of music that build up a foundation of a track - or use and chop the premade loops, composed by music producers exclusively for this application.

Naturally Beat Maker Go has an integrated metronome that will let you stay within the rhythm while playing a beat manually or adjust a music track you're working on to a tempo you prefer.

It can be used for Live sessions and performances if your mobile device is powerful enough. Such a performance would be suitable for a concert at a party in your house for instance. However for the real, serious gigs it is recommended to resort to something more reliable and professional like Ableton Live.

And once your masterpiece is finished and polished, you can share it online via the likes of YouTube, Soundcloud straight from the application.

The final words

Beat Maker Go is just a mobile application. Its functionality cannot compete with FL Studio Mobile or Garage Band.  But at the same time It can be very entertaining and also useful. While playing with it you can understand how various instruments, loops and samples work together, why a good mix needs effects, how reverb adds extra depth and space to the recording, making it sounds unique etc.

If you've been having a creativity itch lately and beatmaking is something you cannot stay apathetic towards and if you've always dreamt of throwing together a dope, bumping track - this application is an opportunity to discover your inner genius.

Download Beat Maker Go for iOS and Android - not it's free of charge, but it features a 7-day free trial period. Its monetization solely depends on the weekly, monthly, yearly plans. But at least your creativity flow won't be disrupted by constant pesky pop-ups if you decide to purchase it.

Beat Maker Go waits for your ideas and vision.


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