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Just like toy soldiers

Army Men Strike is a mobile game that gives you a nice, relaxing and nostalgic feel. It's like a memory from the childhood: a spring break, no homework, an apple pie slice and a glass of grape juice and your loyal plastic soldiers, waiting to take the orders.

Only this time the tiny plastic warriors aren't static - they go straight into the action, making picturesque and very exciting battles.

Army Men Strike, like any other strategy game, requires you to have multitasking skills. In other words, you'll play the roles of:

  • Military commander and tactician.
  • Base manager.
  • Chief of sabotage operations.
  • Economics Minister.

Quite an assortment of tasks!

Your activities will mostly be about producing soldiers, sprays & Lego-like details for expanding your base. The units at your disposal will include:

  • Ground troops.
  • Vehicles & tanks.
  • Helicopters.
  • Artillery.

Unfortunately, no NAVY forces are present in the game. Too bad: a dramatic fleet battle, taking place in the bathroom amidst shampoo bottles and rubber duckies, would be a mesmerizing addition.

Apart from recruiting the troops and sending them to death/triumph, you also have to take care of Research & Development. R&D is available through the scientific facility and requires resources + gold. Gold is the in-game currency in Army Men Strike. Gold can be earned through victories, etc., which is not the quickest process. You can spend it on upgrades and extra units. And if you feel a little impatient, you can invest real money: from $0.99 to $99.99. As for the rest, the game is free.

Pictures of destruction

3D Visuals of the game are an optic feast. The warfare takes place on a wooden desk, where your tiny green warriors and their vehicles become alive. Movements, fire, explosion animations are pretty plausible. But the real war chaos atmosphere is conveyed through the sound: you will hear painful shrieks as your soldiers get shot, injured or even run over; automatic fire and grenades booming make you believe you're partaking in the fight. And of course, there is some delicious clanging of the heavy death machinery.

By the way, the battlefield is located in the center of a kid's room: you can see sneakers, a school backpack, soccer ball, etc. scattered around. This does give a nice atmosphere to the overall game experience. For a moment you can get away from whatever serious business you have and win a piece of your childhood back from the daily routine!

To arms!

Army Men Strike is an enjoyable strategy game for all the toy soldier fans. Even if they are older than the recommended age of 12 and above. Of course, gold grinding may take some time and ads will pop-up frequently, but at least the game doesn't force you into buying another pile of imaginary currency too often. According to the authors, clever strategy and joining forces with your friends are a key to victory. And even the biggest donators can be taken down.

Besides you can share the toy warfare with your friends and chat with them right in the app, sharing your strategy tips or ambitious plans of conquest.

The battle calls! Be the commander-in-chief!


  • Excellent 67%
  • Good 18%
  • Normal 10%
  • Bad 2%
  • Awful 4%