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Couch potato shopping

Amazon has everything: cell phone batteries, motor boats, books on medieval Japanese art, smart robo-vacuum cleaners and porcelain kitty figurines. But what to do if you want to make some purchases from your smartphone/tablet? If you go to the Amazon's official site and start your shopping quest, then you risk to get frustrated with having to navigate through the entire website.

The answer is obvious: download Amazon Shopping app for iOS and Android!

With Amazon Shopping you can:

  • Search through the categories.
  • Browse the recommended goods.
  • Make wish lists.
  • Find whatever you need in the Amazon's catalog within seconds.
  • Pay for them.
  • Read reviews, leave comments, give ratings.
  • Use the camera of your device to scan physical items, in order to find something without manual typing, etc.

Furthermore, if you're keen about saving your pennies, Amazon can notify you about sales and promo-campaigns, during which you can get something really useful or fancy at a reduced cost. It's an app for the pragmatic users indeed: there's also a feature which allows you to compare prices for similar products and find the deals that best suit your budget. Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals will help your wallet stay a bit fatter.

Another clever feature allows you to do this: let's say you need to buy a new pair of classic blue jeans. But you don't really feel like typing the whole request into the search bar. Snap a picture of the jeans or use the one found online and then simply run it through the Amazon Shopping. In return, it will browse hundreds of blue jeans offers of all sizes, styles, etc.

Obey my voice!

Those, who use gizmos powered by the latest versions of Android or have Android Wear can fully benefit from using the voice commands. With them you're able to:

  • Search for any product: from toy mice to a Panini-maker.
  • Record ideas for Christmas/birthday/4th of July shopping lists.
  • Make payments.
  • Access shopping history, discounts, wish lists, shipments and so on.

And not to forget the social-network feature! Let's say you've spotted an awesome white noise machine that blocks the city noises, helps relax at night and get some high-quality sleep? Or maybe there's a hard-to-believe discount on the smart water bottle that has time-markers and shows if you stay hydrated enough during the day? Then you can share them or any other amazing product/discount with your friends & family via the likes of Facebook etc.

The Verdict

Amazon Shopping actually makes the arduous process of searching for products much easier and enjoyable. It reduces your typing a lot thanks to the vocal command and picture-scanning support.

It can be your shopping secretary, so to say, and make wish lists, separated according to their thematic ideas. It can help you get the best deals through notifications and price comparison. And of course, you can share whatever you liked the most with other people.

Amazon Shopping is a perfect app for lazy shoppers!


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  • Awful 14%

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