The Best TVs for Using the Netflix App

Everybody knows that Netflix is one of the biggest players on the OTT streaming services market. They have more than 150 million users across the world. And every year Netflix forms the list of TV models that they recommend using in case you are a fan of their platform. 2019 is not an exception. This year the list includes the TV models by Samsung, Panasonic, and Sony. Interested what else is there? Read the post below!

Does Your TV Have These Five Magic Criteria?

All of Netflix’s recommendations about preferred TV models are based on their seven core criteria. In 2019, your TV should have a minimum of five of them:

  • The application should start quickly;
  • When your TV turns on, the title should be ready to use instantly;
  • You need to have the Netflix launch button on the remote;
  • You can easily find the Netflix app inside the main menu;
  • The TV should perform the background updates, so you will always have the newest content and do not need to install updates manually;
  • There has to be a high resolution to watch the films in good quality;
  • The TV has the latest version of the Netflix app.

To tell the truth, all of these features are good not only for Netflix streaming but for other apps too. For example, fast app launch is essential for all streaming apps, and high resolution is crucial even for games, and so on. It is preferred that your TV has all these seven features, but the minimum requirements are to have five. Let’s see more closely which models are good according to the Netflix list.

The list includes most of Samsung’s QLED TVs that cost between $700 to $70 000 like Q900R, Q90R, Q80R, Q85R, Q70R, and Q60R. Also, you shouldn’t worry if you have Samsung’s RU8000, “The frame,” or Serif TV. They are also on the list. The price range of such models is between $650 and $2 700.

The recommended TVs from the popular Japanese brand Sony are OLED A9G, X85G series, and X95G series. The price of these models starts at $950 and goes up to $7 000.

Panasonic’s models that made the cut include Viera GX700, GX800, and GX900. As for now, they are not available in the USA, but you can buy them in Europe.

Should I Change my TV?

If you are looking for a new TV and, at the same time, you are the big Netflix fan, so, we advise you to take these recommendations into consideration. But that’s all right if your TV model is not on the list. Obviously, the app will work well. And do you like Netflix? Which TV model you use for streaming? Share in the comments below!