Stay Inside The Loop: Xbox Events App Has Been Released

A new iOS/Android app will bring you Xbox-related news, events, streams, trailers, and deals on games. The beta version is available now.

Microsoft has premiered its new mobile app, designed for the Xbox crowd. Titled Xbox Events, it promises to provide news, updates, live streams and game promo-campaigns for every console owner.  Through push notifications, the app will notify of:

  • A new trailer;
  • The date when a long-anticipated game hits the shelves;
  • Which games are available at a lower price right now;
  • Conferences and other real-life events.

As of now, the only event scheduled in the app is the approaching Microsoft E3 2019 conference. It will be hosted on Sunday, June 9. Time: 1 PM PT/4 PM ET (for US residents). And as it has been rumored, the company will announce a bundle of brand new games, the release of the new generation Xbox console and also the approximate date the game streaming platform Project X Cloud, developed in collaboration with Sony, will be launched.

Is it Worth a Shot?

As of now, the app is still in its Beta stages and can barely provide any use. Everyone interested in giving it a try can download Xbox Events for free from Google Play or AppStore. The application size is just 11 MB and reportedly it's ads-free.