Does Facebook Kids Carry a Threat for Children

We all understand how important it is to provide security and confidentiality of communication across the Internet. Unfortunately, even such a reliable social media site as Facebook can mishandle this issue. The officials of this company admitted to a "technical error," which allowed little users of the messaging app to communicate with people who weren't approved by their parents. The situation is not as innocent as it may seem even if the above situation lasts only one day.

Messenger Kids app screenshot

Core of a problem

It is clear that any messenger is very attractive for younger children. Facebook took interested in this target auditory developing Messenger Kids in 2017. This application invites children aged between 6 and 12 years old to sign in, exchange the messages, and communicate via video chat. The key option here is parental control. The kid is allowed to contact only with those people who are accepted by their parents. There are various group chats, but a kid can join them only if friends approved by their parents suggest them to.

And when the flaw happened, those group chats became open for everybody without any need in approval of parents. Still, the representatives of Facebook said that members of these group chats were approved by the friend's parents. The company does its best to improve the situation. Its spokesman said that most parents were notified about a technical error. The affected group chats were found and turned off.

The search for the roots of the problem is continuing. But now there is no official version explaining this event and even no information about the source that reported an error. We also do not know for how long the bugs have been messing the things up.

Final words

The app has been discussed since its release until nowadays. Though it is very popular with young users, the child advocacy groups advised to shut it down a good many times. Some think that this app violates a federal law regulating a child's online privacy. Still, the app is available. What do you think? Please, let us know in your comments below.