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Celebrity Voice Changer is an application for iOS and Android users. It also requires you to have iOS 9.0 or more (or Android 4.0 and up), meaning that you don’t need the latest OS updates installed to enjoy this game. The app turns your voice into the voice of the celebrity that you love. The process of turning speeches is instant because you wait only for a few seconds. 

How It Works

Once you launch the app, you select the celebrity whose voice you admire. Then it records your voice as you speak in real time. For the best results, you need to be in a quiet room where there are no other sounds or voices of people. After recording, the editing process begins, and it gives you a video of your speech spoken in the voice of the person you selected. You should find a room with a beautiful background to create a high-quality video.

The app has numerous celebrities listed on it. And if you need the voice of a new person, you may suggest it via twitter. It introduces voices that users request the most. Therefore, it is best to play it with friends and family so that you can request a new person’s voice and increase the chances of developers introducing that vocal sound. 

Celebrity Voice Changer works when you are online. Therefore, you need an Internet connection to be able to transform your speech into that of a character you love. Some of the voices you can use include that of Trump and Michael Jackson. 

It allows you to share the video of you speaking in a celebrity’s voice to friends. Therefore, you can invite others to play the game by sharing your video to entice them also to transform their speeches. The voices are near perfect in that they mimic the celebrity that you select almost perfectly. The developers promise to keep improving so that there may be more vocal sounds in the future, and that they may be flawless. 

Payment and Renewal

The application is free to use at first, but there are in-app purchases. Once the trial ends, you will have to pay at least $6.99 for various unlimited usages. It comes with an automatic renewal setting. It will charge your credit card for the amount of usage that you select. 

However, you may change this setting to make it manual if you do not prefer automatic renewal. You may also cancel a subscription before the date of renewal if there are some capabilities you don’t need anymore. 
It is a great application for anyone wishing to play the game of recording videos, transforming speeches, and sharing them with friends for laughs. 


  • Excellent 67%
  • Good 6%
  • Normal 5%
  • Bad 3%
  • Awful 18%

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